💡Why use solo ads for affiliate marketing? Solo Ads in 2019

Why use solo ads for affiliate marketing? Well, as a new affiliate marketer you have no list and Udimi is the place to start growing one with solo ads.
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Solo Ads in 2019:
Getting quality leads in 2019 from Solo Ads is super effective if you are an affiliate marketer from udimi.
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What’s you use solo ads for affiliate marketing that’s the question I’m going to answer in this video forever. a brand-new affiliate marketer it’s extremely hard to get traffic where the hardest thing to do is get your affiliate products on Facebook Twitter Pinterest impossible with extensive but sometimes we need to do that with a capture page low-quality for instance you just can’t use straight affiliate Links at all that’s not going to happen you’re not going to get it over to talk about Facebook and you realize it was great if you have your own product or you’re doing to me, but you need to use you didn’t answer cuz you didn’t want to let you track those on and what channel what countries are going to accuse you want top sheer countries and I had success in udimi I’m going to show you an instance where I used one test of a hundred clicks with a new provider the new guy that I showed he’s been on there while Stefan and I had a pretty good experience where I got 23% Hopkins and just on the run of the you know itself is so rad become a rented Shelter by 4 I was able to make one for all and then later on that week with my father upon our work will make you don’t think when I mean 5 or 12 at $38 a piece if it is $38.90 a piece at 5 sales Orwell 5/4 + 1 + 660 + x + 2 right there you say it ain’t so photos of the great way to go to rest and to get pearls before you came out Bad Waitress from Solon to buy her a big old quit bullshittin think those don’t work but you didn’t does work and I’ve been using it now for over a good few months since I decided I was going to try to go back and sore eyes and try to build a list. Probably cuz I was doing it because you know he come when I do my income store that’s extremely easy to put products on Facebook and Google and Twitter and you don’t Pinterest where do you want to run your eyes are great because you just driving people right to sell page where I can order the product but what are you doing affiliate marketing do you think you know what capture page of bridge page and I was a Casualty agent will wet squeeze your you know that’s how you do it. Marketing and that’s why I like going on so much because you’re connecting with people who are already interested in Marketing Online internet marketing let’s go ahead and take a look at you do me right now and you can see for yourself and I’ll show you how are you use the particular solo ad says delivered order 110 out of a hundred I ordered a hundred give me 110 which is great and also 20% sales at once all inside the funnel-like I said I Got 5 sold with my email responder continuing a funnel for the whole seven more days or actually seven more emails over 14 days sales totals where I got out of this one so lad now what I paid for the silhouette let me show you what I paid the guy uses language Estonia of all places 30% of people died in the last hundred solo ads reported a sale on this is special price is giving the USA people only if you go to solo deals here you’ll find it and 19% of his customers are repeat orders now that’s pretty good considering a lot of people coming here and I buy 50 a hundred klicks and they get like a 20% oxygen rate but no sales they feel like they failed because they’re idiots I mean if you get it poppin you’re doing pretty good all right 25 35% is optimal but 20 is not bad is average time it takes to solve 7 Doors 3 hours whatever it cost me $48 you could be here if you or a hundred visitors and that’s what I did the last time I use them. I don’t know I think he was a good business can get it out of your business with there’s a lot of people on here and just do your vigilance to find the right guy I so here’s some metrics between scroll down and I don’t know if I should come up these so what are you doing with a great place to get started guys especially if you’re new to affiliate Market is a great place to build your email list has built honestly these guys are just providing you traffic show me by 20% Opticians anyone sell I got in the front only actually you can track it normal to tracking system right inside and You’re doing a bit of marketing and you need to build a list you will not make money

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