🔥 Solo Ads Clickbank For Beginners – Easy $200 In Just 24 Hours 🔥

Solo Ads Clickbank For Beginners
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Solo Ads Clickbank For Beginners

97% of all clickbank affiliates are making money from email list, focus on list building until you hit at least 10k subscribers.

Keep reading because I will be opening the curtains to the best clickbank traffic source that will rapidly build your list and potentially make your sales and commissions.

all the top clickbank guru’s have a massive list, the bigger list you have, the more money you could make.

One of the internet marketer has a list of over 800k subscribers and his earning over $1M, this is the power of having a list.

Think about it, just imagine you had 100,000 subscribers who’s interested in making money online? you want to help all these people so what you do is write a quick 10 minute email, press the send button using one of my recommended tools below, and within an hour or so, all these 100,000 subscribers receive an email from you, how much money do you think you could make from one email within 24 hours?

This is the secret to $1k per day of all the top clickbank guru’s.

Here’s the beauty, once you have a list, you could get traffic any time by sending couple fo emails.

It’s like having a traffic machine, whenever you wish to promote a clickbank product, just write a quick email, press the send button and BOOM! you will receive thousand of clicks and potentially thousands of dollars.

That’s why I always say to focus on list building until you hit 10k subscribers, this is the magic number to success, and then you could 10x your list to 100k+ subscribers by investing.

The top 2 beginners traffic source to rapidly build a list & potentially make affiliate sales.



There’s couple of tools that’s recommended in my opinion for list building & long term success.

1) Drag & Drop Funnel builder called clickfunnels, create landing pages, sales funnels, webinar pages etc.

Get started with a free 14 day trial here:

2) Autoresponder. All subscriber info will be stored here, you use this to communicate by writing quick emails & pressing the send button.

You can’t build a list without an autoresponder.

For this purpose, I recommend Aweber.

Get started with a free 30 day trial here:

3) Tracking tool, Before driving any traffic, it is a must to set up a tracking in place to make sure your getting real human visitors and no fake/bot clicks.

This is recommended especially with the traffic sources I am providing for beginners, if you don’t have tracking, you will never know weather you are getting real human clicks or fake clicks.

My recommended tracking tool is clickmagick which you could get started with a free 14 day trial account here:

Before driving any traffic, make sure you create a tracking link.

clickmagick tracking link is a must when ever you buy traffic from solo ads/email traffic.

Here’s the free 14 day trial link to create a account

4) Traffic source: the best traffic source for beginners to build a list is UDIMI, create your account here:

you will get a personal network message from me, also you could reach out to me any time for questions.

Another Bonus traffic agency which I would like to share with my followers is this one:

That’s all, this was a complete explanation for Clickbank For Beginners.

If you want to learn clickbank & Facebook ads then watch this free training from the NO 1 clickbank affiliate..

Join the FREE training here:

My channel is all about clickbank, traffic generation, make money online, work from home, affiliate marketing and lead generation.

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Solo Ads Clickbank For Beginners

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