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[Music] [Music] [Music] what’s going on guys Vinny here we’re part of with Vinny calm and in this video we’re gonna talk about solo abs the truth okay so there’s a couple questions that we want to answer about solo ads what are solo ads expectation of solo ads and how to get started with solo ads so guys let’s get this hop right into so what are solo ads solo ads are a form of email advertising so there’s people out there to have huge email list okay some have a list as small as five thousand some have lists as far as 500,000 okay so what you do you pay to advertise to their email list okay you buy clicks now there’s different clicks you can buy you can buy 50 100 200 300 all the way up to a thousand clicks or more okay and they charge you for those clicks now a lot of people when they buy a solo as they expect to get sales and that is the wrong attitude okay the whole purpose of silhouett is to build your what email list okay just the whole purpose of silhouettes there’s no other purpose of solo as your whole purpose is to build your email list okay when you advertise to people through solo ads sometimes yes you will get sales don’t get me wrong okay but the whole purpose is to build your email list because you need to build that what know like trust relationship this is the only way you’re gonna get sales guys is to build that know like trust people didn’t know who you are they need to like you and they need to trust you in order to spend their hard-earned money with you okay now depends on what you’re selling as regards as how many sales you’re gonna get a lot of the times people are looking for products such as health and fitness products that they’re they will buy immediately but when it comes to business opportunity if they’re not actively searching for one and they don’t really not really looking it’s gonna take time and a couple of exposures for them to spend money with you because they need to know if you’re they know you you need to like you and need to trust you that’s why it’s important to brand yourself when you or building your landing page okay when I mean by branding yourself in your bridge phrase people need to see a photo of your face or they need to see a video of you because video is the best way to build that trust with people okay so if you’re not on video please get on video or make sure you have a picture up in your bridge page guys okay because people need to build that trust so that is the whole expectation of silhouettes is not to get sales immediately but think of it as building your email list okay and this will lower your expectation of solo ads okay and this will be better for you in the long run you want to build your email list okay I’m gonna keep saying that because I want you guys to understand that a lot of people don’t understand I have people who join my team before and you know I tell them tell everyone that you should buy silhouettes if you are looking to accelerate your business and what I mean by that is to build your email list a lot faster than doing free traffic okay now nine times out of 10 guys you’re not going to get sales when you run solo ads okay sometimes you do get sales sometimes you get on the streak and you may get to three sales of people who will buy your opportunity okay especially if it’s a low price point people there’s impulsive buyers out there okay but the purpose of the solo ad is to build your email list to market to your email list okay to give them value and to direct them back to the sales page give them value direct them back to the sales page give them value okay and this will build that know like trust so when you do a solo ad run right and let’s say you buy a hundred clicks [Music] okay and let’s say you got 49 opt-ins I mean do you have 49 people add it to your email list okay so what you want to do is send them a series of emails through your autoresponder now we’re gonna put V for value V for value and then another offer okay for sales okay so that’s what you want to do you want to have an email follow-up giving them value maybe they’re struggling with getting traffic in their business or maybe they’re struggling you don’t have a consistent way of following up with people they need an autoresponder you may help them to get an autoresponder or build a sales page or a sales funnel and then you want to direct them to the sales page guys value value sale and you do this until they either they buy or they unsubscribe from you email this but this is the whole purpose of a solo ad all right so I hope you guys understand that because when I first got started I thought I was supposed to get sales from my Silhouette and that’s not the case so how do you get started with solo ad advertising now there’s different companies out there the one I use is udemy okay reason why I used you to me I’ve very good results they have built trust with them and I have got a substantial email list using you to me okay I like udemy traffic now there’s other ones out there I really can’t speak on because I don’t use them but for sure I do use you to me there will be a link below this video for you to sign up with you to me if you don’t have udemy account and I advise you to test your traffic by 50 clicks by 100 clicks and test the traffic guys see how many opt-ins you get okay there’s different types of sellers out there some seller sells click as low as 35 cents some sell as high as 70 centrum or more sometimes it just depends okay the higher amount of you spend on it on the lead then the better the lead will be I like to buy top-tier traffic that means US Canada Australia UK all right that’s the type of traffic that I like to buy and you want to spend a little bit more money when you’re buying top-tier traffic to build your email list okay they tend to respond better so again there will be a link at the bottom of the video for you to sign up with you to me and test the traffic again marketing is all about testing you have to test test test test test test traffic and if you find something that works then you want to scale up from there okay but sometimes a lot of us are scared to invest in our business all right and if you you’re very scared to risk money guys then you shouldn’t be in business okay playing a simple flat out shouldn’t be in business if you’re scared to take a risk if your entrepreneur you’re going to have to take risks that’s what a life is all about taking a risk okay don’t take a risk you’ll never know if it works or not alright so what I’ve done and what I’ve created is a way for you to lower your risk okay so I created a solo ad co-op and what a co-op is is a group of members of people and we all spend a little amount and we buy clicks okay so the co-op that I created it’s only $20 a week now as far as I’m like as I’m concerned there’s no other place online where you can buy sell ads for that cheap okay now the more members that we get the more clicks you’ll receive on a weekly basis so how it works is you pay $20 I’ll buy the traffic from proven solo ad vendors okay and then we’ll be you guys will be put on a link rotator okay everybody will see the same equal amount of traffic each week and then we’ll send clicks to any landing page of your choice okay now the email swipes that we use are very generic so they can be you applied to any business okay now we’re not doing this for health and fitness right now but internet marketing affiliate marketing that can be applied to any business like that okay guys so if you are in affiliate marketing business or MLM network marketing affiliate marketing you can join this co-op all right now there’s not going to be our monthly reoccurring fee so for instance if one week you can’t afford the $20 then you don’t have to buy in for that week okay guys so you just pay twenty dollars a week on Thursday every Thursday your twenty dollar payment has to be in by 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time okay all the information will be below this video also okay so your payment has to be in by Thursday 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time okay let me take PayPal payments and all that will be explained when you send in your payment you’ll be able to send in your link also okay so every week regardless $20 and your link okay let me put this down here to link to whatever landing page that you want to choose and then I’ll send an email out either Friday night or Saturday and it will tell I’ll tell you how many clicks you’ll receive for that week or you should be expecting okay now I’m not gonna be responsible for tracking your clicks you gonna have to do that yourself there’s different software’s out there or links that you can use to track how many clicks that you receive okay but everyone will receive the same amount of clicks alright so again this is the easy way to start to receive traffic on a consistent basis okay so the more members that we have the more clicks you will receive so I encourage you to let your team know about this that the people that you marketing to let them know about the co-op anyone can join this co-op song to hear your in affiliate marketing network marketing any business opportunity right because we use generic email swipes so it can be applied to any business so that’s what I’m doing guys to help you guys out because traffic is like the number one problem people really have a hard time generating traffic on a consistent basis by having this co-op you guys will have a way to generate traffic on a consistent basis so that’s going to end our video if you enjoyed this please like comment subscribe if you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below this video and give me a thumbs up it really helps my youtube channel subscribe hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys the next video thank you

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