ArcaMax Solo Ads Tutorial Buying Solo Ads for Beginners

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In this video, I will explain how to use the ArcaMax website as a buyer of solo ads, not a seller. This means you will have to create your email and include your affiliate links.

ArcaMax is a traffic source for internet marketers, were Solo Ad vendors sell the use of their email list. If you are looking to promote your product and establish an email list go here and buy solo ads to promote your product using the seller’s email list.

If you want to start running solo ads on the ArcaMax website the first thing you need to do is contact them to find out more information. This website has over a million subscribers and they send out daily emails to them. Below are some questions that I would ask.

These are some question you should ask your solo ad seller before you place your order.
1. Have they Promoted ( the offer you are promoting ) to their list before?
(Send them your affiliate link)

2. Would this product be a good fit for their list?

3. What would be the time frame for the ad to start running?

4. What is the highest price point their list has purchased?

5. Can you write the Ad Copy or do I need to provide it?

The other thing I love about this website is that you can grow into other types of advertising with them. They are:
1. Email newsletter sponsorships
2. Solo email list rental (this is the one we want to do)
3. Website display
4. Co-registration
5. Offline List Rental

This is the link for the ArcaMax website

If you want to know how to use Solo Ads effectively and easily getting the right traffic to your business. Check out this course.

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ArcaMax Solo Ads Tutorial Buying Solo Ads for Beginners

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