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How We Made $1,147 in Affiliate Commissions with Solo Ads

What are solo ads? A solo ad is a one-time email sent by a list owner to their own email list on behalf of a paid advertiser for a fee. Usually the advertiser provides the email copy and the list owner sends the email. Fees charged are often a fixed cost per mailing or based on performance.

This means the soload list owner might charge $100, $200, even more to mail their entire list or they might charge on PER CLICK BASIS – usually in the $0.30 to $1.00 per click range. So if you get 100 clicks… you could be looking at forking out $50… regardless if the soload actually converts to a lead or sale for whatever it is you are promoting.

Solo ads work for some offers and not others. It is all about testing. Which can get very expensive, right?

A solo ad directory is simply a list of solo email list owners who accept advertising.

But what if there was a better way to make money with ezine solo ads, cheap soloads or any soload you had to pay for – regardless of results?

Buy soloads – Get 6,000 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY SEEKER soload emails per month – right here, right now!

These leads come with name, email, address and advertising partner and may be the exact solution you have been looking for because the traffic you works for product creators, affiliate marketers & multi-level opportunities. Sending email ads and soloads is infinitely easier than running FB Ads or Google Ads that involve a STEEP learning curve.

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