Get Free and Unlimited Traffic That Converts With Solo Ads

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Get Free and Unlimited Traffic That Converts With Solo Ads

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use free solo ads site to get massive traffic to your website or affiliate offer. If you’re don’t know what they are, solo ads are highly-scalable PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic source. What you are basically doing is buying targeted traffic.
There are also ways to get free traffic with solo ads that work in 2017 and that’s exactly what you’ll see in the video.
I mostly use solo ads to promote Clickbank affiliate offers. You can use them to promote products from any other affiliate network. Personally, I love Clickbank and that’s the reason why I promote their offers in a solo ad.

If you never created a solo ad here are some tips that can help you get traffic that converts.
1.I would say the most important part is creating a compelling subject line which attracts attention. Spend some time to think about a subject line which would stand out in your prospects inbox.
2.When writing, make sure you show empathy to the reader. You can do this by talking about their problems and by providing solutions to these problems.
3.Don’t forget to tell them what to do. Make sure you use some sort of call to action in your solo ad. Here are some examples of call to action: “click here”, “go here for more info”…

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