How To Get Autopilot Leads 24/7/365 With Solo Ads

World’s leading authority on solo ads in the online business opportunity niche is going to show you how to never struggle for targeted business opportunity leads ever again.
You’ll learn:

¥ Why you can’t build a lifestyle business doing meetings, cold calls and attraction marketing
¥ Why email marketing should be your #1 traffic strategy for the next 5 years
¥ The amazing story of how our guest speaker lost $10,000 on fake solo ads and how to not let it happen to you
¥ The #1 influence media you must use in order to create leveraged income and a great lifestyle
¥ How to run solo ads profitably (no guesswork)
¥ How to set yourself up for winning in lead generation by targeting leads that are already pre-disposed to respond to your offers
¥ Why you should stay away from solo ad directories and marketplaces
¥ How to quickly tell if a solo ad seller is going to scam you with 80% probability
¥ 3 types of solo ad scams and ways to protect yourself
¥ 5 places to buy solo ads and 1 to stay away from
¥ How to get leads for Padlock Income risk-free!

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