How To Sell Solo Ads to Others Day 78 of 90 Day to Get Out of Rat Race


In the rotator, I can show different squeeze pages of yours to promote different business.

Or, if you are selling solo ads to others (to more than 1 clients), you can have your customer’s links add to the new rotator.

Then, send promotional emails through Auto Responder to your list. Your subscribers will click just 1 same link (main rotator URL), and the rotator will display all the different links to different visitors. Then you can monitor how many links being delivered inside the rotator and stop it when done (You can set it to stop automatically when clicks delivered).

Also it will display different link each time to a repeat visitor, for example, if the same visitor clicks 2nd time or 3rd times on the same main rotator link, they will see the 2nd ads or 3rd on the rotator. That’s the way you won’t loss the repeated clicks.

So use Optimize press and ClickMagicK you can accomplish many things 😀 Pleast let me know if you have any questions or contact me if you want to learn more.

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