How To Use Solo Ads and Affiliate Marketing To Drive Traffic

Bill Glazer (former co-owner and CEO of Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle) and Mara Glazer are interviewing world’s #1 authority on list building with solo ads, Igor Kheifets, on how to drive traffic using email solo ads and affiliate marketing. In this value-packed interview you’ll find out:

What are solo ads and why they’re extremely effective at driving traffic for people who don’t have any previous experience
When is it best to use solo ads to grow your business and when affiliate marketing is preferred instead and when to do both
Where should you drive solo ad traffic when running your first solo ad
Common mistakes people make when it comes to buying solo ads
How to select a profitable niche to buy solo ads
And much much more…

For more free training on affiliate marketing attend this free webinar where Igor shows you the 2-step system that made him 2nd highest earning super-affiliate in the internet marketing niche:

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