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Hey how you doing it’s Gio Gionta and in this short video I’m going to let you know exactly how to get more leads sales signups in your MLM company so if you’re trying to promote an MLM company get more leads and sign ups a lot of people have trouble with with MLM lead generation so if you’re having trouble generating leads you’re going to want to watch this video this video is going to tell you how to get more MLM leads. This video will give you MLM lead generation tips so that you could have success in your network marketing company it does not matter which company that you’re with if you’re promoting a network marketing company what time you going to want to watch this video Until the End.

The problem that most people have is a try to generate leads but they are not using a sales funnel to capture that leads and follow up with the prospects to build a relationship and make sales. So many people join various different mLM companies thinking that it is the product that they promote. In many cases as far as network marketing companies go people do not know how to generate leads and so they struggle and they really need MLM training. So what I talk about is having a sales funnel system called the power lead system and using the free version of that called the free lead system how to build a list and retain their contacts. It is not about the MLM products as much as it is about building a relationship with the people.

If you are new to network marketing i’m going to talk about exactly what system should I use and how to get traffic from a place called Udimi Solo Ads. So Udimi is a great place to find people who are interested and what you have to offer. If you have been in a network marketing company before you realize that every single person needs leads sales and sign ups in their company to make money online. So without traffic you need your business is not going to have success. MLM lead generation is very important I am when it comes to making sales.

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