Reason 7 MyAutoPilot Traffic Out Performs Solo Ads

Reason #7 why MyAutoPilot Traffic out performs solo ads and solo ad traffic.

Reason #7 is that MyAutoPilot Traffic works equally well for low ticket business opportunities and high ticket business opportunities alike.

We tested MyAutoPilot Traffic to a high ticket program. We achieved a 56% optin rate over several 100,000s clicks of traffic. We found that 1 out of 7 optin leads then proceeded to pull out their wallet and place a $1 purchase of that high ticket program trial account.

We then found that 1 out of 38 trial users then pulled out their wallet to upgrade to a $1300 purchase.

We had customers that purchased 2,000+ clicks of traffic a week. They relayed to us that they were not able to achieve those sorts of results using solo ads or solo ad traffic.

When you’re ready to bring in buyers to your sales organization, use MyAutoPilot Traffic. It out-performs solo ads and solo ad traffic.

MyAutoPilot Traffic is generated by banner advertising. You can get your traffic now at

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