Safe Swaps Review – Ad Swaps and Solo Ads

Are you ready to start building a huge email list for your business? Then consider using Safe Swaps, an ad swap service that’s reputed for its inexpensive swaps and astounding service! Check out this in-depth review of Safe Swaps to see how the rating system works, the pricing system, how to create networking opportunities, and my own personal experience with Safe Swaps!

Safe Swaps prides itself on overdelivery; each seller’s feedback is prominently posted, so they’ll try hard to make sure you’re happy with your experience. Safe Swaps doesn’t count visitors who arrive from exit redirects or stay on your page for less than a few seconds, so you know you have quality clicks to go with your investments. It’s also very inexpensive, usually costing you less than 30 cents per click, where you could be paying up to 90 cents per click elsewhere! Safe Swaps often hosts giveaways for new members, sometimes offering as many as 700 clicks just for signing up!

You can always get a free account to buy traffic reliably, but there are many useful benefits that are exclusively for premium members. For instance, partners can cancel with free users without incurring penalties. Premium users also can have more than one swipe file, which is needed to test more than one ad at a time. Once you’re a reputable member, you can also get lots of traffic by trading links with other members.

Take a look at my own account to see what I’ve bought and exactly how much the sellers delivered. See why feedback is so crucial, and how to message vendors directly for special delivery. This is one tremendously reliable way to grow your traffic; this is one resource that you don’t want to pass up!

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