Should You Buy Solo Ads? I Wouldn’t Touch Them And Here’s Why…

hey what’s going on Aaron Chen here I hope you’re doing well I just wanted to talk a little bit about traffic today right if you online and you’re generating you know any type of seeds to your business you know that this might be an interesting video for you right so over the last I guess you know nine years that I’ve been online a big part of that time with me on you know buying solo traffic basically right and and I found and it took me a really really long time to figure out you know what I was doing wrong in my business and you know if you bought any sort of solo traffic before then you probably know what I’m alluding to right but basically you know solo traffic is probably one of the worst types of traffic that you can get out there I’ve spent over I would say yeah over twenty thousand dollars easy 1 solo ads right twenty thousand dollars I mean very few people can spend that much money on on solo traffic right but yeah I’ve done that ok then I can say you know hand on heart that for me it didn’t work at all you know I generated lots of traffic you know I’ve had you know five hundred three days but those 500 leads don’t really convert the sales right I mean what’s the point of having 20,000 leads in your Aweber account or get response account if you can convert them or create a positive ROI right as the most important thing return on investment okay and if you have 20 pounds of jeans but those keys are opening your emails and they’re not listening to you then what is the point of having them in your autoresponder absolutely none right and the problem is solo ad that everybody talks about it you know whenever you get a training course or you know you you you know you’re talking to some you know guru on a webinar whatever all they talk about is little hands right they say it’ll go to this solo ad then I’ll go to that so we’re sort of by the solo ad and you know that that’s what people do and people do it because it’s so easy right you don’t actually have to generate any scenes yourself all your producers go to a solo ad seller you tell them how many cooks you want maybe you want to firmly clicks and maybe they charge you $800 or $1000 for those clicks right and then you buy it sometimes all of these guys even set it up for you you don’t even have to do it yourself they’ll set up your capture page and give them your code they’ll generate you know the traffic for you and then you get amazing opt-ins where your opt-ins might be like 50% or 40% and you’re like oh my god I just generated you know 800 leads or I just generated 500 leads I’m going to be rich right that’s what you’re thinking because that’s basically what happens that’s exactly what happens when you buy solo ads right it’s really really misleading and then people you know they’ll give feedback to the Solarize seller they’ll be like all this solo I thought it was amazing I got 50% opt-ins I’ve never seen those sort of updates before and then what happens nothing nothing happens that’s the thing nothing happens and then you don’t generate a still maybe you get lucky generate one too but the problem is is that in your sales funnel the sale might be 50 bucks 400 bucks so you make let’s just say a hundred bucks right you make a hundred bucks but that’s all add costed you 800 bucks so how much money did you make well then actually you’re down $700 right but here’s what happened so after that you say okay well you know maybe there’s something wrong with you know that solo ad right and they’re very well they’re very well could be something wrong with that solo and maybe it’s not the the right solo ad vendor for your offer right or maybe you’re thinking okay maybe there was something wrong with my capture page you know maybe I could have generated a high conversion rate maybe 50% wasn’t enough maybe if I got more leads 60 or 70% then I would have made more sales right or you might be thinking maybe I didn’t follow up with my leads enough I didn’t build a relationship with them so maybe that’s why they didn’t buy right or maybe your sales funnel wasn’t that good to begin with and maybe that’s why you didn’t convert people so look there’s so many reasons why a solo ad Rock didn’t work but another reason could be that that solo ad set up was selling you fake clicks have you ever thought of that probably not right because nobody ever told you that most of the solo ad sell is out there in internet land are selling junk a lot of them actually I don’t I hate seeing this word because I just I just hate seeing it but some of them could be scammers right some of them are I’m actually not selling real traffic okay now don’t get me wrong but are so low and sellers out there that are selling real clips right real people and the sort of ads you know the Solal traffic is quite good right but for the most part I would say 80% of them or more are just selling you junk right a lot of them are bought clicks so that’s why it looks like a lot of them opting in because yeah there is somebody helping in it’s just not a real human being if the robot okay and they click on it they opt-in if nothing ever happens because of people that swapped in are not real people okay so you’re not you’re not following up with anyone you’re following up with a robot that’s not going to buy your stuff unfortunately right and then and that’s just kind of you know the reality with with solo ads okay and so this is basically what happened to me over the last I would say seven or eight years okay I just kept going back to solo ads I kept spending a lot of money on it because I thought hey you know if all these gurus and all these coaches are talking about solo ads then you know it’s probably just me or I’m not following up well enough with my leads or you know I got to get my my my my capture page conversion rates up or you know there’s something wrong with my sales funnel right I never actually thought that there was anything wrong with the traffic source okay and so I proceeded to spend lots and lots of money sorry I just gotta pay for this this toll I’ve spent you know over 20 grand easy on solo ads I mean that’s a lot of money you know over seven years or so right and and I kept falling into that trap and a lot of people fall into that trap because it’s easy right and you can get a lot of traffic faster you know people talk about it all the time and honestly it’s so easy to buy so low traffic literally I can throw a stone and I would hit like five solo ad sellers okay virtually I’ll throw my virtual stone and I’ll hit five solo ad sellers and they all hang out on Facebook and you know I can rattle off by 20 names for you if you wanted today even all these are they make it very easy right and even subtle ad marketplaces you know like like what’s it called I kind of remember the amount but there are a couple of big ones right way you think you can just sort of go on and and you can buy so you know if you have money today you can buy tomorrow the other problem is that is that because you can buy fairly big packages what tends to happen and this is what happened to me and maybe you can relate if you about saw that before right is that you can spend a thousand bucks or two thousand three thousand five thousand dollars on solo traffic you can buy all the subtle ads you know get a shitload of traffic in one go and then you don’t do anything for the rest of the month that’s actually what happens to a lot of people that’s what I did right I would spend a thousand dollars on solo ads and in my country because I’m from Malaysia right a thousand dollars is 4,500 ring it in my currency now 4,500 ring it most people don’t even make that kind of money here okay that you know you need to be working for probably at least three four five years before you’re even earning four and a half thousand ringgit okay most people don’t have that kind of money so you know for me to spend a thousand ringgit on so on thousand dollars on solo ads it’s a lot of money for me especially right you know let alone people that live in the u.s. or or you know different parcels of well that’s a lot of money right so I would save up I would I would do a solo a drop four thousand dollars and then I can’t do anything for the rest of the month because my ad budget is all gone right and then what I would do is I would wait you know I would follow up with my fees and stuff like that it wouldn’t work and I was like ah you know what’s going on and then I would do the same thing the next month and I’ll do the same thing to my BAFTA and the month after the month after and it’s just kind of a vicious cycle right and it took me a really really long time to realize that actually it’s not my fault it’s the solo ad traffic fault okay or it is a little bit my fault because I couldn’t figure out how to make solo traffic work right now there are don’t get me wrong there people out there that have figured it out but I just couldn’t figure it out right and I’m not the only one I know a lot of people a lot of internet marketers we were very successful now who couldn’t biggest solo trafficker because it’s it’s just there’s so many problems with it okay now if you can figure out that’s great but the whole point of this video was I just you know for whoever is watching this right and if that you know that’s you right now I’m sure I’m sorry for the shaky camera because my camera hold is not very good in the car shakes the phone but if you’re struggling with with generating traffic and you’ve been buying little ads or you know a few months or maybe even a few years now I want to recommend that you stop just stop and start generating real traffic you’ve got to go out there and generate your own traffic ok and when I say your own traffic you have to literally you know don’t go to some link and buy it and then give you a link it and all of a sudden your five-minute lead in your inbox you know these people don’t even know who you are and for the most part you know it’s probably not even real traffic anyway you’ve got to go to places like YouTube and Facebook and Google where you’re actually you know marketing and you’re actually doing something you’re doing a few different actions to actually generate that traffic right and the reason why that’s so much better is because you actually own the traffic and you actually know what you’re doing in order to get that person to opt-in to your page and that type of traffic is much much more high quality than so low traffic hands down okay hands down the other problem with solo traffic and I’m just I’m just hating you know I’m slamming on solo traffic right now because I spent so much money on it and I wasted so much of my time on solo traffic and and that’s kind of why I really really don’t like it and when you spent twenty thousand dollars in solo traffic then you can come to you know you can come back to me and tell me you know that without I’m wrong okay but but this is just my personal experience you know maybe you’ll have different experience but I just wanted to share that with you because I don’t want people to go through you know $20,000 worth of solo ads and then not make any money and then quit you know end up quitting right I’m going to save you all that trouble and I’m going to tell you that you need to go out there and learn how to generate your own traffic okay Facebook YouTube Google LinkedIn you know SEO article marketing blogging whatever it is go out there and generate your own traffic don’t just buy traffic and give someone a link and expect it to convert because it doesn’t work that way remember the other thing I was going to say this earlier is that the other thing about solo traffic is that these leads these solo ads have I am done okay like I mean think about how many solo ad drops every single solo ad vendor sells to the list mom you know 10 you know like they’ve probably seen the same offer you know a hundred times right because what happens is when somebody sells a solo ad they email their list and offer you know your offer and if you’re marketing a you know a very popular offer and there are lots of very popular offices you know in the affiliate world they’ve seen your offer like 10 times already do you think they’re going to buy from you probably not because what makes you different from the nine other marketers that that were promoting you know empower network or you know aspire or whatever it is right there’s so many different you know big affiliate opportunities out there right now yeah so if you don’t stand out and you know every single solo ad drop is a sale then they’re not going to buy and that’s why a lot of soul leads don’t buy and it took me a really really long time to figure that out and I really thought I couldn’t I just couldn’t okay so if you get anything from this video today is that you should avoid solo ads and and figure out some other traffic source okay once you’ve figured out another traffic source like YouTube or Facebook or SEO you know Google whatever type of pay-per-click you know the lots of different pay-per-click platforms out there seven searches one right Google is one if you can figure out how to get on Google but figure out one main traffic source out first aside from solo ads make lots of money you get profitable from that and then once you do if you want to try solo ads then go and try it out don’t make the mistake that I did and I you know start on solo ads and then become some solo ad expert where you can generate a lot of leads but you can’t convert any of those leads into sales right or you can’t get a positive ROI you know what you know ask yourself what what game are we a now in the game of generating leads are we in the game of making money I don’t know about you but I’m in a game making money not seeds right I could care less about how many leads I had if I had you know 20 leads but I could make you know $5,000 a day with those sorry $5,000 a month with those 20 leads I would much rather have that kind of business then a business where I’ve got 50,000 leads in my autoresponder but only you know 2% of them open up my emails that’s ridiculous that’s how internet marketers go broke right so anyway I’m done with my rant I’m gonna get off my soapbox but I hope I hope that that you know helped you a little bit and it helps you to kind of understand you know the landscape of traffic on you know in internet marketing because you know I I’ve rarely come across I’m probably come across one video like this where they kind of spoke about solo ads like this right so not that many people are talking about it and a lot of people are getting I think personally cheated you know and I don’t want you to get cheated out of your hard-earned money okay so go out there figure out another traffic source I like YouTube because YouTube is quality right you’re you’re making videos like this you’re giving people value people find your videos based on certain keywords and if they like your video they can click on the link below you can leave a link below your videos right and it leads to your traffic elite to your capture page and if they want they can opt-in and you know that’s how you create quality traffic right remember that the people that are watching your videos on YouTube they already know who you are before they opt-in that’s that’s that’s the beauty of websites like YouTube right they see your video they play they consume your content and then they’re like okay this Erin guy or this David guy is pretty cool I have you know what he said makes sense that I want to find out more right so then they opt-in to your page and then they see your stuff so before they even obtain they already they’ve got a feel for what you’re like right the problem with solo ads is they have no idea who you are right all they see is a link email they click on it it probably says something like one of those how to generate $500 today click here they click on it they see your capture page it says the same thing they put the email address inside and all of them BAM it’s a sales message I mean who’s going to buy you know who in their right mind would buy something like that there are a few people that would bar and they’re called hyper hyper hyper hyper bias right but it’s few and far between there very very few people like that I like that right in the world that would buy like that so for the most part you’re going to get normal people who are not going to buy your stuff and then you know you’re out of you know $500 or $1,000 over how much money you just spend on your solo ad and that’s it alright so that’s it for me today I’m going to you know in my rent right now I hope you got some value from that today let me know what you thought you know this is that you know do you resonate with that right does that make sense have has this happened to you before right have you bought a solo ad and then you know you’re thinking like I don’t know what’s going on but you keep buying because that’s what you know that’s all people be talking about and it’s to be honest it’s really easy right it’s kind of easy to fall into that trap as well you’re just kind of lazy so you just buy solo ads right and hope for the best you know has that happened to you before let me know in the comments below let me know what you thought of this video let me know if you got any of any value from this and yeah please subscribe to my channel if you want to get more rants like this and let me know give me a thumbs up if you know if you like this video and I hope to speak to you soon take care

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