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One of the best ways to advertise is email marketing.
And we are not talking about spam, we’re talking about sending emails to subscribers. has a huge list of active members.
And all the members have all double opted-in and agreed to receive our emails.

As a matter of fact many of our members await getting new emails every day from us.
Image what would happen if we send an email for you to all our active members.

These special emails that we send out are called solo-ads.
And TopSurfer has been sending out solo-ads since 2001.
I am sure you can see that true quality stands the test of time.

We even have many people that buy our solo-ads in packs of 25.
If you have a link to advertise you should really give our solo-ads a try.
buy at least 1 solo-ad today.
And best of all right now we have an awesome special going on.

Go ahead give it a try.

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