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In this is video, I teach you the profitable way to use solo ads for affiliate marketing in 2019. Solo ads training is not something is new, but it has recently regainied a lot of traction due to the increase of interest with some of the best affiliate marketing programs out there today.

There are people like Spencer Mecham, Rachel S. Lee and of course, Russell Brunson who have recently really put affiliate marketing back on the map to a mainstream type of thing. For this reason, this method of traffic is now popular once again, as it was a few years ago.

If you want to grow your online business fast, solo ads for affiliate marketing in 2019 is where it is at. It is the fastest way and one of the most safest ways without having to do facebook ads, youtube ads, or any other type of paid marketing. Sometimes, new marketers get a little hung up when it comes to finding the right solo ad vendor, or maybe you just had a bad experience in the past and don’t want to go that route again. I’m here to let you know that it is safe to do and in best ability I show you how to use this udimi tutorial to best use solo ads for marketing in your business.

I show you how I use a program called clickfunnels and profitbuilder so that you can create funnels to make money in affiliate marketing in 2019. This is not a clickfunnels tutorial or a profitbuilder tutorial, however, I will touch on these things very briefly.

You can also use these methods when it comes to you trying to promote clickbank products online or even trying to promote jvzoo products online. After you get these things in order for your funnel, you will definitely want to get an awesome autorepsonder for email marketing in your business. I like to use automate campaigns in active campaign and getresponse. Those are the 2 programs that I recommend.

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