Solo Ads – What Is A Solo Ad (Explained)

http://www.dean-james.com/soloads/ – What is a Solo Ad? In this tutorial video I explain what a solo ad is and how you can use them to get more leads and sales in your online business. This video explains the basics so you can get started with them.

http://www.dean-james.com/product-reviews/udimi-review/ – Full review of Udimi which is an online marketplace for guaranteed solo ad traffic from hundreds of vendors. On this marketplace you can buy solo ads and if you’re a vendor you can sell solo ads as well.

I know how confusing some marketing technology can be, but a solo ad is essentially an email ad with a link to your website url that a list owner in your niche will mail out to in order to promote your landing page. They charge a certain amount per click and usually sell in blocks of 50 clicks upwards.

The purpose of doing this is to build your list by getting targeted traffic from solo ad vendors that sell traffic specifically in your niche.


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