Udimi Solo Ads Alternative 🌟Tier 1 MMO Leads for $0.30 🌟Using This Method

Udimi Solo Ads Alternative –

You can Generate your own MMO Tier 1 Leads for less than 30 Cents Using Google Ads Plus Front End Sales

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Udimi Solo Ads is a great traffic source if you are looking to promote your stuff in the make money online niche. Their are vendors who have lists focused on weight loss and other things but majority of vendors have biz op seekers.

In this video I will show you how I use Udimi in my personal business and some quick tips that will help you buy from vendors who have high quality traffic.

A couple things I do when purchasing solo ads.
1. Search for sellers who have ratings with sales reported 20% or above.
2. Make sure the vendor you are working with has 85-90% or above top tier traffic.
3. You can always reach out via messenger and ask for a coupon code to get some money off your order.

When sending traffic never give your vendor a link directly to your sales page. You always want to be building a list.

Spoiler alert: Udimi is awesome and I highly recommend it when it comes to getting any business going. I personally like it more than Facebook ads because it seems like every time I run a Udimi ad, I get a 30% opt-in rate… which is great! This allows me to build my email list which is one of the best things a business or business person could have. I’ve built my email list immensely since I started using Udimi last year.

To go over the benefits just one more time for you all:

#1 – These prices for targeted traffic can be as low as 35 cents per email! This is crazy low, especially when the sellers are guaranteeing that these people are going to see your page.

#2 – The sellers are top of the line on Udimi (for the most part lol)! They’ve been doing this for a living and now that they have a large list they’re willing to share their list with you.

#3 – When it comes to the amount of traffic you can pay for, really, the sky is the limit.There are tons of people on here with huge it really just comes down to your ad budget.

BONUS: When you build an email list big enough, YOU can go on Udimi and make money by becoming a seller too! It all depends on your list and how well it converts.

You can use Udimi for any type of business really. It’s a great way to get some easy traffic to a Shopify store, amazon page, or in my case, an affiliate marketing course… which is Free and below in the link. Whatever you are doing, Udimi can be a huge benefit to you and your business!

Udimi = Good!


Udimi Solo Ads Alternative -Tier 1 MMO Leads for $0.30 -Using This Method

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