Udimi Solo Ads Banners Affiliates 2019

Udimi Solo Ads Banners Affiliates 2019
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In a previous video, I showed you the banners which an affiliate could use for promoting Udimi with

pretty good results!
Indeed, I am promoting Udimi on a permanent base!
I am using these banners in traffic exchanges and in viral mailers, on their pages.
As it is well known, 468 by 60 pixels banners work very well on these platforms and Udimi has a lot of

Some of them very, very nice!

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And here, watch the video about Leased Ad Space

The instruments which enable an affiliate to gauge which banners perform better are simple.
Just look in the statistics!
These statistics can be easily found on the pages of the traffic exchanges and viral mailers!
They are conceived in such a way as to make the work of the affiliates a lot easier!
There is a ratio between impressions and clicks!
Needless, to say more!
Now, at the time I did that video, there were no other banners on Udimi but 700 by 50 and 468 by 60

pixels banners!
I was complaining that Udimi misses potential traffic to be delivered through login ads or surfpages!
I was also saying that Udimi forced his affiliates to conceive their banners in order to go over this!
I, myself, did it and I was showing on video two of my banners, using the Udimi logo and some custom

pictures bought in large stock pictures files.
Meanwhile, after a few days, Udimi made his affiliates a big surprise!
There it is!
On the special banners page, one can find and use now big splash banners!
The dimensions are pretty impressive: 1200 by 628 pixels!
Now, here is the way I am using them!
I am opening a viral mailer which I am frequently using!
There is a special section for login ads!
Just copy the code from the Udimi page. I mean the code of the large banner you’ve previoulsy chosen!
Take care that you will have to add the http letters in front of the banner url!
Don’t forget it! It is very, very important! Without these letters, the code is incomplete!
Then simply insert the code in the safelist’s section, shown clearly as html!
Mention a title of your own, for your own use, so that you can remember it easily! The login ad is there!
You’ll have to wait for the administrator to approve it, but there should generally be no problems at

These login ads are shown for a few seconds after the user of the safelist has logged in,
They can be very effective as these banners are large and can show a lot of elements.
Udimi makes them in the jpg format so that they load easy and quickly.
Look at the importance Udimi gives to the logo!
If the logo is treated in such a way, generally speaking, it means that the platform is rather well known on the internet!

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