Udimi Solo Ads Reviews: Udimi Best Sellers REVEALED + 5 Must Ask Questions Before You Buy On Udimi

Udimi Solo Ads Reviews: Udimi Best Sellers REVEALED + 5 Must Ask Questions Before You Buy On Udimi
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After running solo ads for over 10 years I accumulated lots of expertise when it comes to running successful email campaigns using Udimi soloads.

In this short informative video you will discover how to properly pick vendors and sellers of good solo ads and who to STAY AWAY FROM!

This will save you a ton of money.

If you watch my udimi reviews video till the end I will reveal couple of my most recommended solo ad providers on Udimi marketplace and I will also provide you with additional BONUS training on how to properly setup tracking when running udimi soloads.

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Get real, profitable traffic to your web site with Udimi. No more bot generated visits that just increase your traffic counter but don’t lead to actual sales, leave out fake clicks and increase your conversion rate. You’ll find out pretty soon that you’ll not only get more clicks, but you’ll also start making sales.

The whole premise is quite simple: you want to drive traffic to your site and increase conversion rate, so you buy some clicks from a vendor in Udimi. That’s it. They’ll drive clients to your site and you will not only get clicks, but you’ll see how people start registering and even buying from your site. There’s a whole community of solo ads sellers just waiting to help you grow your business.

But, what exactly are solo ads. Well, they’re a marketing technique that implies you getting in touch with a provider who has a large e-mail list. You hire them to send out an e-mail to their contact list promoting your site. Since the information comes from a trusted source, chances of people following up your links are better than if you did it all by yourself. That, in a nutshell, is what you will get when you sign up to Udimi, the guarantee that people will actually follow your links.

You can promote anything, all you need is an opt-in page and a sales funnel already set up so you can take advantage of all the traffic the solo ad is going to send your way. If you don’t have them yet get to work, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Udimi Main features
Be part of the community. You’ll get access to a solo ads vendor community where you can see how effective each one of them has been in the past and select the one that better fits your needs.
Get to know your visitors. You’ll receive information about the visitors you got from Udimi so you’ll know exactly where they’re located, their IP address, which browser they used and much more.
No useless traffic. They have a very reliable filter that leaves out non-human traffic. You’ll only pay for actual human beings visiting your site.
Guaranteed results. Not only you get useless traffic filtered out, but you also get your money back if the seller doesn’t come through. You’ll get the clicks you paid for or Udimi will give you a refund.
Udimi Pros
There are plans for every need depending on the number of users. They go from as little as USD 8 a month (when you pay for the whole year) for a Starter plan all the way to USD 59 per month for the Professional plan. Their most popular is the Premium plan; that starts at USD 19 per month (billed annually). They also offer a free trial, in case you want to try it out.

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Udimi Solo Ads Reviews: Udimi Best Sellers REVEALED + 5 Must Ask Questions Before You Buy On Udimi

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