Udimi Solo Ads Traffic FAKE or REAL [Udimi WoW]👍2019

Udimi Solo Ads Traffic FAKE or REAL? Udimi Wow
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I bet many contributors – publishers and vendors as well – would resonate strangely to this kind of bold title.

Let’s take it step by step. Easy. First. Udimi does not allow fake traffic to be distributed to buyers by some kind of evil sellers.

Udimi is a 100% reliable company.

This short video about Udimi solo ads fake and real traffic will try to show some kind of mechanisms put in place to avoid fake traffic, usually generated by various bots, stupid or more intelligent.

This kind of pseudo traffic represents the majority of a type of crap lists of leads.

You can promote and promote and promote again to those lists. The results are practically zero.

Now! What is Udimi Solo Ads Traffic FAKE or REAL? Maybe you’ve heard this unusual name all over the internet, in various places and occasions, in diverse associations and contexts.

Udimi is a kind of platform where sellers and buyers meet and contract. What do they buy and sell?

Leads. Leads is the prerequisite of quality traffic, of targeted traffic, of qualified traffic.

Leads is the blood of affiliate business, the meat of the affiliate business.

Leads lead up to commissions, to sales, to well earned, well-deserved dollars.

Or euros. Or pounds. Or yuans whatever.

To preserve this business, let’s look together to what Udimi has put in place,

These images come from their site and are therefore certified.

Well… Udimi Click Filter from January 2016 up to date, in 2019. Updated once in 24 hours.
No doubt, there is a severe working filter in place, doing its job.

109,182,600 and more useless clicks filtered…

365,667,000 and more fraud clicks filtered…

20366 fraudsters banned!

Money saved for our Buyers – 299,155,248 at least.

Wow! Impressive figures! I believe it’s a quite serious business as they’ve put in place such a mechanism.

To detect, prevent, avoid and eliminate malign clicks.

As it is effortless to tell, they discern between useless clicks and fraud clicks at Udimi Solo Ads Traffic FAKE or REAL

They consider them all as being fraud clicks as they damage the money and reputation of their buyers.

Hence, fraudsters are eliminated, and the good dollars of the sellers are saved.

Let’s look at this short video, coming from their site as well, synthesizing the moving parts of this efficient mechanism.

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Translated titles:
Udimi Solo Ads Traffic FAKE or REAL [Udimi WoW] ???? 2019

Udimi Solo-Anzeigenverkehr FAKE oder REAL [Udimi WoW] ???? 2019

Udimi Solo Ads Traffic FAKE ou REAL [Udimi WoW] ???? 2019

Udimi Tráfego de Anúncios Solo FAKE ou REAL [Udimi WoW] ???? 2019

Udimi सोलो विज्ञापन ट्रैफ़िक FAKE या REAL [Udimi WoW] ??

Udimi حركة إعلانات فردية مزيفة أو حقيقية [Udimi واو] ؟؟؟؟ 2019

UdimiSolo Ads交易假或真实[UdimiWoW] ???? 2019

UdimiSolo Ads交易假或真實[UdimiWoW] ???? 2019

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