Using Solo Ads to Build MyDailyChoice: Team Update!

Team, as your guide it’s my responsibility to help you leverage me, my testing and our entire community to get a lot better results with your marketing than you could ever do alone. One area where we can really get a lot better results as a community as opposed to being on your own is with solo ads… (Watch video). Please visit your Level 2 group if you’re on our team for the exact message to send to solo ad providers like I referenced in this video.

Level 2 group post with message:

If you haven’t joined a MyDailyChoice / Hempworx team yet, opt-in here —

To sign up with Solo Ads at Udimo go here:

To study our system and what we do for our team, watch:

To spy on our team’s entire system go here:

To learn about our most powerful “Level 3” marketing strategies watch the free class first here:

For a recent webinar that gives a very thorough review of the entire system including the network marketing model, watch here:

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