What Are Solo Ads for CPA Affiliate Marketing (Email Solo Ads)

Solo ads are known in niches like biz opp, info products, personal development, coaching, etc. The term “solo” ad, or advertisement, is a type of email marketing. Unlike other email marketing methods, which might involve a newsletter series, broadcast, or tips & tricks, a solo ad is a single email sent out once by someone with a big list (that is not YOUR list). Check out today’s video and learn about other niches that can benefit from using solo ads, such as pet care, insurance, and more. I also discuss cost per click of solo ads, Udimi, and our plans to use solo ads for a new product that we will release in a few weeks.

★ Table of Contents ★
00:50 – Udimi
01:25 – what’s a “solo ad”?
04:20 – biz opp
06:46 – weight loss
06:51 – pet care
07:45 – cost per click

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