What Are Solo Ads – Udimi Solo Ads Explained!

So what are solo ads? What are Udimi solo ads? They are the traffic you can buy. A solo ad seller has an email marketing list and they will promote your content or product to their list. You can use solo ads for affiliate marketing.

Solo ads are not the end all be all for affiliate marketing. Solo ads are not guaranteed sales either. The only way you can make sales with solo ads is to provide absolutely phenomenal value to the traffic you receive.

This goes with any form of traffic anyways, but even more so with solo ads. Solo ads are cold traffic, and it is your job to warm them up. Do not send the solo ad traffic to a landing page, then to a sales page, and expect to make a fortune. You will lose your money. You need to use solo ads for affiliate marketing wisely.

So what are solo ads? They are a risk in my opinion, but if you do need the traffic or know that your content can convert traffic, then use Udimi to chose a solo ad seller:

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